Our Azure consultants take charge of many key tasks involving Microsoft Azure. If your company needs the expertise of an Azure consultant for a specific project, we have experienced consultants and developers in our network who can provide targeted solutions. 
  • planning, designing, and deploying Azure analysing and advising on cloud services testing and improving by offering innovative solutions 
  • managing large-scale migrations to Azure assessing and explaining technical requirements 
  • linking Azure implementation with overall business goals 
  • designing architecture and/or driving development of Microsoft Azure 
  • overseeing upgrades and moving workloads to Azure 
In addition to expert knowledge of Azure, our consultants also have experience with SQL Server as well as database migration and integration.
We will work jointly to provide an Okta Deployment strategy. We will incorporate the use of best practices for building a secure and agile enterprise with identity as management, cybersecurity, and cloud services for your business. 

We will jointly advise you to achieve a repeatable and affordable processes. We will effectively develop a custom, robust Okta platform, related to your Identity Management, Cybersecurity and Cloud Services to meet your business objectives. 

We will help with the implementation of the overall corporate program for solution deployment and management of identity management, cybersecurity and cloud platforms.
Cyber Security
We help organizations achieve a Zero Trust posture. Zero Trust is a shift of network defenses toward a more comprehensive IT security model that allows organizations to restrict access controls to networks, applications, and environment without sacrificing performance and user experience. In short, a Zero Trust approach trusts no one. There are three key components in a zero trust network: user/application authentication, device authentication, and trust. Some of the steps to achieve this are: 
  1. Identify users and devices 
  2. Set up access controls and microsegmentation 
  3. Deploy continuous network monitoring
Our SharePoint experts can support you on your project involving Microsoft’s web-based collaborative platform. If you need a professional to assist you with a SharePoint-related project, we have experienced contractors in our network who can assist.  

We have SharePoint experts with experience in Microsoft SharePoint development, architecture, infrastructure, and more. In each case, our contractors always have a strong track record of successful performance on similar projects. If you require a SharePoint expert with particular knowledge or skills, we would be happy to match you with a professional with the right skills to meet your needs.
Application Development
Application developers are the “artists” of the web, and we see that for most of our customers the importance of this area is growing. It is the application developer’s responsibility to ensure that data from the back-end is accessible on the browser of end users. This should be done in a way that attracts people’s attention and interest. 

Further, pages should be logical and fast as well as easy to navigate through. To create a front-end that is displayed the way it should for the majority of end users despite challenging issues like the use of different browsers and resolutions requires sufficient knowledge of the developer about this area.
Web Hosting
Our cloud web hosting platform will ensure optimum protection for your sites. The ZFS storage will keep your data invulnerable to corruption and the inbuilt ModSecurity firewall software application will shield you against hacking assaults. Choose from many Content Management Systems such as JoomlaWordPressOpenCartand Moodle.

Web Design
We  put all our innovation in the form of attention-grabbing colors and designs along with the needed customization of CMS by applying the best development practices.
Domain Purchase
With us, you can acquire a new domain for your personal web site at a price you’ll like. It’s possible to choose among more than 50 universal and country–code domain extensions. Also purchase SSL Certificatesand  WHOIS Privacy Protectionamong other features.

KVM Linux VPS Hosting
Total root access, dedicated CPU allocation and SSD storage with all Linux KVM virtual private servers. You can easily pick the server’s OS. We provide one complete server backup every week. 24x7 tech support. No installation rates. Compare our KVM VPS Features.
Linux Dedicated Web Hosting
ll our dedicated servers are furnished with ultra–modern hardware and offer a quick activation of your chosen Operating System. Our web hosting Control Panel allows you to administer unlimited domains easily. 1 dedicated IP and a 24/7/365 tech support service are included for free with every server configuration. Compare our 
Linux Cloud Web Hosting
with a 30-Day Free Trial