Geneverse Solar

Geneverse focuses on providing universal and versatile products that help power your family and community at the lowest cost possible. As a cost leader in our industry, we empower our customers to achieve renewable energy independence, transforming centralized energy distribution systems into a decentralized and self-sustainable future.

Our products and solutions have been crafted in California since 2019. We continue to stand tall, evolve, and provide cost-efficient clean energy solutions for all.
The Geneverse PowerPillar provides a complete energy management system integrating solar power, battery storage, as well as grid and generator power sources. We provide state-of-the-art solutions that help our customers get the most out of their clean home energy investment. The PowerPillar is easily installed, simple to use, easy to operate, and is the most cost-efficient system available on the market.
2200-Watt HomePower TWO PROLiFePO4 Solar Generators (2419Wh Backup Battery + Solar Panels)
The HomePower TWO PRO Solar Generator includes the HomePower TWO PRO 2419Wh LiFePO4 power station (2200W/4400W Surge) and Geneverse’s ultra-efficient, 200W SolarPower 2: All-Weather Portable Solar Panels. Depending on the number of panels in use, the HomePower TWO PRO can charge by solar between 4-8 hours or by AC wall outlet in less than 2 hours. The included SolarPower 2 panels weigh 17.5 lbs. each, are foldable, and feature built-in carrying handles and adjustable kickstands for a setup that takes less than 30 seconds. The panels are also IP67 waterproof rated and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

At 59 lbs., the HomePower TWO PRO is sturdy and durable. It features (7) total outlets, including (3) 120V AC outlets and is capable of operating 99% of home appliances and devices, including: CPAP machines, refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps, portable heaters, fans, and coffee machines, and more.

SolarPower 2: All-WeatherPortable Solar Panels(200W Max Output/Panel)

The Geneverse SolarPower 2 is an IP67 water and dustproof rated, all-weather portable solar panel. SolarPower 2 panels provide 200W maximum charge output. Up to four SolarPower 2 panels can be combined to charge Geneverse solar generators 4x faster than SolarPower ONE panels.

4400/2200-WattHomePower TWO PROLiFePO4 Power Stations(2419Wh Battery Only)

The Geneverse HomePower TWO PRO is a 2419Wh (2200W/4400W Surge) LiFePO4 power station. Like all Geneverse power stations, it is indoor safe and solar-capable, compatible with Geneverse’s 200W SolarPower 2: All-Weather Portable Solar Panels.

The HomePower TWO PRO is 59 lbs. with ergonomic handles built-in on either side. It has (7) total outlets, including (3) 120V AC outlets. When you need reliable backup power for refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps, and more, the TWO PRO is your long-haul emergency preparedness solution.

PowerPillar Hybrid Inverter for Homeowners

The Hybrid Inverter is the central hub of the PowerPillar system. The PowerPillar Hybrid Inverter automatically diverts power between on-grid or solar inputs into battery storage and the connected loads on site. Its all-in-one design enables you to harness the benefits of solar energy storage without complexity and helps make our system the most cost-efficient on the market.

PowerPillar Battery Units for Homeowners

Each PowerPillar Battery Unit provides 5kWh of capacity, expandable for up to 20kWh of usable energy storage. The PowerPillar Hybrid Inverter allows for parallel operation of three 20kWh battery towers for a maximum of 60kWh of home backup power.

PowerPillar Mobile App

The PowerPillar mobile app and data suite allow you to monitor real-time power output and usage data from your energy storage system. Control energy savings preferences, evaluate home energy trends, and prevent performance issues with alerts and support options – all available from your iOS or Android devices.